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Blu-ray hat die HD-DVD besiegt. Nun gilt es der DVD den Rang streitig zu machen.


Beitragvon Lembasbrot Sa 1. Sep 2007 00:26

Ein user ausm AVS hat dies in der Hddvd Sektion


I was hoping some of you may be able to help me

I just reached for my "AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON"
HD-DVD Combo disc to watch. When I got the disc out of
the case I noticed that the HD-DVD side was all
"cloudy". I mean the entire disc had a cloudy
appearance WITHIN the disc. I gently wiped the disc
centre-to-edge with a soft cloth and it made no
difference to the appearance of the disc. I tried to
play the disc and it would freeze and stutter. I know
that I played this disc fine when I purchased it (Dec
2006) and put it away on my DVD rack afterwards where
it has remained til tonight. My room is dry and of a
suitable temperature. I am confused and a bit worried
about this. What shall I do?

Could this happen to other discs? Have you had other
"issues" like this with discs of yours? I also notice
that the INSIDE of some of the disc cases are a little
"cloudy". Is this normal?

Please let me know if you have seen anything like this
yourself. Thanks!"

EDIT: by GSX600F
The following picture is an example of the problem of the member's HD DVD!
The member himself posted that picture to show, what his problem looks like!!It's not his original HD DVD, i've posted the original Link with the comments of the member at the bottom of the page!


Lööööl :abfeiern;
Das lusitge ist, vorher haben sich noch alle Hddvd'ler
über Bluray disc rot lusitg gemacht, und Bluray als
das "rottende Format" bezeichnet...und nun hat sich
der Spieß umgedreht, ich lach mich schlapp...geschieht
denen recht :strafe:
Legolas - "Lembasbrot, ein kleiner Bissen genügt um den Magen eines Erwachsenen zu füllen"
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Re: HD-DVD DISC ROT (Picture)

Beitragvon GSX600F Sa 1. Sep 2007 21:38

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